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    A blending system can consist of very simple batch style agitated vessels, a fully automated PLC controlled metering and blending systems, or something in between. Mixing Equipment Services offers a variety of poly plastic (PE, PP, PVDF, and PTFE) pre-engineered and custom built systems specifically for your mixing application.

    • 1liter lab carboys to 10,000gal + working volumes
    • FDA HDPE and USP VI PP and PVDF
    • Gas tight for nitrogen blanketing, fully vapor tight sealed designs
    • cGMP castors for portable units
    • Side sample ports and top GMP manways
    • Cone bottoms and variety of outlet valves, no deadleg radial diaphragm poly outlet valves available
    • Custom sizes and orientations available
    • All materials comply with FDA regulations – USP VI resins available
    • Single use mixer designs, and single use totes build to your specs

    Mixing Equipment Services specializes in poly plastic custom blending systems specifically catering to sanitary, biopharma, food/beverage, and chemical applications. Our poly plastic blending systems are applicable to the following applications, as well as customized to meet your specific needs.

    • Buffer Prep, Salt Dissolving
    • Pharmaceutical Mixing & Blending
    • Semiconductor Ultrapure Mixing
    • Media Prep
    • Laboratory Blending & Agitation Applications
    • Hospital Mix Tanks
    • Clinical Analysis
    • Corrosion resistant mixing
    • High purity mixtank applications
    • Reagent blending
    • Diagnostic formulation
    • Filtration mixing tanks, blending prior to filtration
    • Chromotography slurry tank agitation

    Mixing Equipment Services offers poly plastic pre-engineered and custom blending systems to cater to any industry. Our blending systems are typically utilized for sanitary, biopharma, food & beverage, and chemical applications, however our blending systems are applicable to all of the following industries:

    • Agriculture & Plant Extraction
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Consumer Care & Cosmetics
    • Disposable & Single Use Mixing
    • Ethanol & Bio-diesel
    • Inks, Coatings & Paint
    • Semiconductor & High Purity Water

Shipping & Delivery

We offer UPS, FedEx, and a variety of motor freight options for shipping agitators, process tanks, and blending systems.

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If any item does not work as expected or has any issues, we promptly work to resolve the problem. Our goal is to have you as a customer for life.

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