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    The PF3 Hydrofoil Impeller provides excellent pumping ability with a strong axial flow. Low shear mixing impeller, great for pH adjust and simple waterline mixing. Available in any standard finish:

    • Standard-Sandblasted/Mill Finish
    • Sanitary- 32RA Finish /Welds Ground Smooth
    • BioPharm-20RA Finish/Welds Ground Smooth
    • High End Pharma-8RA Finish /Welds Ground Smooth

    Although the PF3 Hydrofoil Impeller works well in most applications, it is best used in thinner fluids that are susceptible to settling. Utilized best for High Flow and Low Shear mixing and blending.

    • Agriculture & Plant Extraction
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Consumer Care & Cosmetics
    • Disposable & Single Use Mixing
    • Ethanol & Bio-diesel
    • Inks, Coatings & Paint
    • Semiconductor & High Purity Water

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