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    200 L/64 Gal, Semi-Custom, Poly Plastic Non-Metallic Mix Tank

    PP (FDA Polypropylene) tank style with an open top, cone bottom and a flared-std leg style. Includes a 2"TC port (for optional tank mixer) with a 1.5"TP-D drain, and 1.5"TC vent and fill. All of our 64 gallon semi-custom mix tanks have a VFD Mount and an outlet valve.

    Don't see what you need? Contact us or view our Custom Mix Tank Solutions for assistance. We specialize in custom built mixers to meet your exact needs.

    • pH Adjust Blending
    • Salt Dissolving
    • Polymer Mixing
    • Coatings
    • Beverage Blending
    • Industrial Mixing
    • Sanitary Blending
    • Agitation of Liquids
    • Dissolving Solids/Powders into Liquids
    • Agriculture & Plant Extraction
    • Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Consumer Care & Cosmetics
    • Disposable & Single Use Mixing
    • Ethanol & Bio-diesel
    • Inks, Coatings & Paint
    • Semiconductor & High Purity Water
    Product Specifications
    Dia Cover Gasket Manway Wheels Valve H B
    64 Gal Flat Bottom Semi-Custom HDPE Mixtank 22" Bolt-On XLPE 8" Screw N/A PVC Ball 47" 26.25"
    64 Gal Cone Bottom Semi-Custom HDPE Mixtank 30" Bolt-On XLPE 8" Screw 4" PVC Ball 44" 36"
    64 Gal Sanitary Semi-Custom HDPE Mixtank 30" Hinged FDA Flat N/A 4" PVC Ball TC 44" 36"
    64 Gal GMP Semi-Custom HDPE Mixtank 30" GMP JBolt EPDM 8" Plug 6" PP Diaphragm 38.5" 36"
    64 Gal Ultra GMP Semi-Custom HDPE Mixtank 30" GMP, J-Bolt EPDM 8" Plug 6" NovAseptic Manual 38.5" 36"

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