When should you choose a sanitary mechanical seal?

Any industrial mixer, whether a top, bottom, or side entry tank, will have a mechanical seal of some type. When it comes to sanitary processes, there are a few additional requirements. Often a dust- or pressure-tight seal is required in order to compensate for necessary pressure within the mixing tank or in order to create a vacuum within the tank. Alternatively, a hygienic seal as a barrier between the interior contents of the mixing tank and the external environment will be vital and require an aseptic mechanical seal. There are numerous industries that require sanitary mechanical seals such as these to create the proper sanitary conditions.

Sanitary mechanical seals come in various types and designs. Mixing Equipment Services offer dry running sanitary mechanical seals in both single and double seal designs. Gas or liquid flush, various lip seals, and a range of packing materials can also be used to individualize sanitary mechanical seals depending on individual needs or requirements. Our dry running mechanical seals can be developed with the following features: cartridge design (single or dual), nitrogen (single or dual), special face material (certified for FDA, USP Class VI, or Bovine Free), upgrade whisper seal technology, and aseptic debris wells.

Our sanitary mechanical seals come with a wide range of features to be personalized with your needs. We offer seals for 350rpm max speed as well as 50psig at 250f. We have sanitary mechanical seals available for 3/8”, 6”, or more dia shafts, along with bottom, top, or side entry vessels. Liquid or gas seals, single or dual dry running, cartridge styles, GRAS carbon or Silicon Carbide seal faces, Hast C springs, and USP VI EPDM elastomers are all available. Additionally, large volume OEMs get private label and volume discounts on sanitary mechanical seals. We offer static pressure testing prior to packaging, detailed seal drawings, delivery time of 4 weeks or less, useful links and information, and personalized customer services for each of our sanitary mechanical seal orders.

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