Why choose a stainless steel mix tank for the food industry?

As with any material, stainless steel as a base for an industrial mix tank can involve higher or lower quality steel. Depending on the percentage of alloys that are involved in the production process, a stainless steel mix tank might be more or less durable. Knowing that you have a properly durable machine is crucial in the food processing industry. Stainless steel mix tanks are the most common material of construction for food related industrial mix tanks because of its naturally occurring properties that are protective to this particular job. For instance, stainless steel mix tanks do not easily corrode with acidic substances. Additionally, they will not rust over time, which could threaten contamination. This material will not bleed any sort of chemical or toxin into the food being processed, making it safer for making anything that will be consumed. Similarly, stainless steel will not absorb any portion of or flavors from its contents and there is no risk of changing the flavor of the final product. Finally, the way in which stainless steel mix tanks interact with temperature is an indispensable quality for why they are the best choice for the food industry. Stainless steel is an excellent conductor of heat or cold and can be very well controlled, both protecting the food within the mixer as well as offering more power to the process.

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