How different can one industrial mixer be from the next one?

In fact, each industrial mixer made differs from every other industrial mixer in some way. Whether because of the way it is built, the parts it has, the shape of its base, or what it is helping to blend, each industrial mixer is unique. First and foremost, the key feature that differentiates industrial mixers is the size. Depending on the space available and purpose for which an industrial mixer is being used, an industrial mixer can have a tank that holds just a couple of gallons or holds up to a couple dozen gallons. The tanks of industrial mixers can also be made a customized size. Beyond the size feature, the material that an industrial mixer tank is made of can vary. We sell industrial mixing tanks made of stainless steel, exotic allow, glass & autoclave, and poly plastic. Tanks with polyethylene or polypropylene can also be purchased. Another important feature that can vary between industrial mixers is the type of mixer or agitator that is built into the machine. Just a few of the more typical options include single shaft mixers, dual motion agitators, and triple motion blenders. The blades or paddles that are in each industrial mixer will vary depending on how sharp, big, and quick they need to be. Just thinking about these basic pieces of the construction of an industrial mixer can display how unique each machine needs to be.

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