What makes an industrial mixer a food grade industrial mixer?

An industrial mixer intended for food can be manufactured to have batch, continuous, or batch and continuous configurations. Batch processing means that bulk amounts of material are made in batches step-by-step through the bigger process, one batch at a time. Alternatively, continuous processing means that there are no breaks in the sequencing or process and no distinguishable gaps in product. Industrial mixers that use continuous configurations decrease energy expenditure and costs. Food grade industrial mixers might have high or low shear mixing. No shear mixing is important when an industrial mixer needs to avoid degradation of the materials, such as when mixing sugar. High shear mixing proves important when needing to remove lumps or when the viscosity of the material requires it. Color development in food products is also important when determining the shear quality of an industrial mixer. Another important feature of a food grade industrial mixer is that it follows sanitations regulations. Sanitary stainless steel is the most common material used to build industrial mixers intended for food production. Some food products will be more sensitive to the heat produced during the mixing process. Industrial mixers can be built with short blending times and using low intensity agitators in order to deal with this issue. Food grade industrial mixers are used to make vitamins, sauces, flour, coffee beans, gum, spices, and more.

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