When should you choose a cartridge style mechanical seal?

Cartridge mechanical seals come in units that are self-contained. This means that the seal, the shaft sleeve, and the gland plate are all assembled together and applied to the pump as a complete piece without any other adjustment required. The main goal of cartridge mechanical seals is to override the common problems of fitting a conventional seal to a pump. These seals are not built for any one specific pump or mixer, but rather are designed to be used interchangeably. This distinguishing feature puts these mechanical seals at an advantage over other mechanical seal designs.

Cartridge mechanical seals come in both single and double seal designs. Additionally, the grand plate is manufactured with different types of tappings in order to work with cooling water injection, flushing, and any necessary disaster control. What particularly makes cartridge mechanical seals an optimum choice is that they are extremely reliable. These mechanical seals are built to be rugged and prove themselves applicable within various needed jobs in a wide range of industries. Cartridge mechanical seals come with large or small axial motion capabilities, performance capabilities for many consistency slurries, and high-tech designed seal faces for optimum emission control. Additionally, these mechanical seals are each built to be highly resistant to damage and contamination, no matter what industry you are working in.

The installation of cartridge mechanical seals is a much more efficient and simpler process when compared to other types of mechanical seals. Part of this is due to the fact there is no required measurement or setting of height. The operating position of each piece of the cartridge mechanical seal is preset, thus making exacting measurement unnecessary. These are available for all types of machinery, such as: pumps, reactors, agitators, or mixers. Here at Mixing Equipment Services we offer complete repair service for cartridge mechanical seals, and we sell both single and dual dry running cartridge mechanical seals.

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