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Mixing Equipment for Better Brewing

May 28, 2016

In the world today, more and more craft brewing locations are popping up in neighborhoods all over. Many of us enjoy nothing more than sitting down to a delicious, well-made beer. What most do not know is the machinery and process that makes that beer possible—yeast propagation. There is a great deal of time and energy put in to ensuring proper production while focusing on energy, emissions, and waste reduction. When you improve the process, you improve the product. Through well-made sanitary mixers capable of hygienic production, you can get the most out of your raw ingredients during the yeast propagation process.

The obvious place to start with yeast propagation is with a well-made sanitary mixer. All of the sanitary mixers at Mixing Equipment Services are available with sanitary features important to processers of beer, wine, beverages, energy drinks, etc. Sanitary features include polished stainless steel wetted parts (most often 304ss and 316Lss, polished to #4 sanitary finish or 32Ra for each of cleaning), cGMP guidelines, energy efficient motors, motor/gearbox that are all stainless or have super duty coatings for clean down environement. Different mounts include C-clamp, flange mount sealed designs, plate mount, tri clamp mixer mount, and NPT connections. Our top entry stainless steel agitators are built to accommodate low shear mixing of solids like yeast and mash, high-shear dispersing when applicable, solids suspensions, and viscous multi-shaft aseptic mixing. Additionally, using a tri-clamp mixer that comes with flange mounts and an integrated GMP lip seal (or mechanical seal) will ensure that your brewing process is vapor tight and pressurized properly, and your mixtank easily and safely CIP cleaned in place.

Next, there are a few details of the process that can be focused on in order to reduce energy and water consumption as well as increase production yields. Temperature and pressure are crucial to proper propagation. The separators and connectors built into the industrial mixer have the potential to reduce energy consumption up to about 30%, saving your business money in operation costs. These crucial little pieces of the larger sanitary mixer ensure that the pressure created within the tank remains accurate and no energy is wasted by content escape. The same goes for temperature. You will not waste extra energy raising or lowering the temperature unnecessarily due to lack of insulation. Vapor recompressing and condensing during the boiling process will also greatly impact the amount of energy required. Overall, you will be able to use the energy you have for maximum benefit. You will also see an increase in production yields and maintenance of longer running times. With the infrastructure of our sanitary agitators as they are, increased levels of component redundancies will increase the number of power paths, leading to high availability and uptime levels.

The major focus when trying to reduce water usage relates to the cleaning process of your sanitary mixer. Effectively cleaning the tank, vessel, or carboy after a cycle of mixing poses a challenge to water waste. However to ensure that your product is fresh and not contaminated regular cleaning is a crucial step in the process. Luckily, Mixing Equipment Services offers clean-in-place (CIP) systems ranging from small or portable designs to larger scale devices. With our CIP spray balls and systems optimized for mix vessels, the cleaning process becomes faster, less labor-intensive, and safer in terms of exposure of the internal environment.

In order to maintain a successful brewing process, you need a sanitary industrial mixer that is getting the most out of the raw materials involved without sacrificing safety, sustainability, or sanitation. With the growing popularity in brewing, and therefore yeast propagation, costs of raw materials are increasing along with the costs of production. Actively choosing sanitary mixers designed to reduce energy and make the most of available resources will help to boost product quality and brewing sustainability.

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