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Mixing Equipment Services is a Massachusetts USA based company that supplies mixing and blending equipment to customers worldwide. We offer up front blending system design and engineering, custom designed top, side and bottom entry agitators including magnetic drive and seal-less mixers, fabrication of high purity mixing equipment including stainless steel, GMP, non-metallic, exotic alloy and materials of construction to suit your requirements.

We offer extensive engineering support, service, installation assistance and scale up and scale down expertise
for mixing processes. Contact us for a free consultation.


Blending System Design & Engineering
Fabrication: Mixers, Agitators, Mixing Tanks & Complex Mixing Systems
Non-Metallic (Poly) Mixtanks & Agitators
Top, Side, Bottom Mount Mixers: Atmospheric, Pressure Rated with Mechanical Seals,
Sealless & Mag Drive Mixers & Packages
Semi-Custom Mixtanks for Fast Delivery
Lightweight & Ergonomic Sanitary Mixers
GMP & Biopharma-ready High Purity Mixing Equipment


Food, Beverage, Wine, Beer, Distilled Beverages, Energy Drinks
Industrial Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical mixing applications
Medical Marijuana
Inks, Coatings, Pigments, Colorants

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About Us

"Thanks to Mixing Equipment Services for taking the time to follow up with us. We received the mixer on time and everything looked and worked great. We were able to install the mixer very easily into the tank, and it worked exactly how we wanted. We would love to continue doing business with them."

Design Engineer

"Mixing Equipment had the expertise and patience to help us develop our blending process and design the right mixer and tank to do the job. I would highly recommend them for any mixing situation."

Jason K

"Mixing Equipment Services helped us develop a mixing process, optimize it, and scale up from 4liters, to 50liters, to 500liters, and then 5000liters. We are pleased with the mixing results and the mixing tank systems they designed and built for us. We can now make products in the lab and for full scale production with repeatable results. We will be working with them again on our next mixing project."

Process Engineer

"We purchased a 250 gallon FDA Poly Mixing Tank system and began by mixing 4 flavors of 100 gallons each. We were very happy with the results, so we started mixing a lot more flavors and it works perfectly, leaving no residual at all in the tank."

Senior Electrical Engineer

Shipping & Delivery

We offer UPS, FedEx, and a variety of motor freight options for shipping agitators, process tanks, and blending systems.

100% Mixing Guarantee

If any item does not work as expected or has any issues, we promptly work to resolve the problem. Our goal is to have you as a customer for life.

Expert Engineering Advice

Contact us today for extensive engineering support, service, installation assistance or a free consultation for any mixing, blending, or process vessel application.